Arduino Workshop

At this workshop you will learn the basics about micro controllers like the Arduino. With it you can build everything from a light stimulator to a full blown robot. The open source system allows to adopt already built projects easily into anything you need. At this workshop you will learn how to deconstruct your problem into basic electronic problems, find solutions to each problem and combine those to your custom project. Working with Arduinos is extremely fast and cheap with the bonus of playfully learning how to program. In this workshop we will explore the supplied Arduino starter kit and build a few projects as well as guiding you to start thinking about your own machines and devices.


I´ll send an Email including the Doodle-poll-link to all the participants of the 2018 NeuroDoWo.

Just state your full name, if you´re interested in this workshop.

You ´ll need a Laptop for the workshop.

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