The First Keynote Speaker

Good news for young Drosophila neuroscientists! We have the honor to announce that Prof. Martin Heisenberg has accepted to be our first keynote speaker.

Prof. Martin Heisenberg is a world-renowned neurobiologist, most famous as the father of neurogenetics in Germany. Heisenberg's research focused on the fruit fly Drosophila. In his work, he investigated the genetic foundations of the Drosophila brain by studying the effects of genetic mutations on brain function. For his outstanding contributions in the field of neuroscience, Prof. Heisenberg was awarded numerous prestigious awards including the Karl Ritter von Frisch medal and the Röntgen medal. In addition, Prof. Heisenberg contributed several essays on the question of the freedom of will and topics of science in society. His outstanding experience and expertise in neuroscience will be an inspiring addition to the presentations of the young researchers.

In his talk, Prof. Heisenberg will give a look back on half a century of research on the fly's neurogenetics.

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