Have you reserved your tickets?

Have you reserved your ticket already? Soon the registration period is over and we are preparing ourselves to host this year's Neuro DoWo event as good as possible. So if you haven't registered already we do recommend that do it now.

For those of you more concerned about the planning and would prefer to have a pin of everything on your Google maps, we have good news. The whole event will be held at B. Neumann. An amazing and beautiful place to host the event which is located near the historic Residence building and offers a relaxing time after so many scientific interactions.

Also, we have provided a nice and cozy hostel, called DJH Jugendherberge for you to stay during the event, very close to the venue and near Main river.

Do you still have more questions? Please go ahead and ask us: info-neurodowo2019@uni-wuerzburg.de

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