Our Workshops

The #NeuroDoWo2023 will also have workshops apart from the organised talks from our keynote speakers! Well, what are they? And how are they going to benefit you - a PhD student of neuroscience? Not only will the workshops be a place of scientific exchange but also a great space to learn and grow your career! Click here to find out more.

Is your data growing rapidly and are you wondering how to organise and share it? Dr Lena Dreher from the Centre for the Advance study of Collective Behavior will show you how to keep your data safe, publish open access and boost visibility.

Is your PhD research in behavioural neuroscience? And are you interested to learn how to set up closed-loop platforms? Dr Cecilia Herbert from OpenEphys will show you how open-source systems allow the community to improve our understanding of neuroscience!

Do you want to get better at sharing your science with the public as well as other scientists? Peter Kronenberg from Natural scienceCareers will show you how to effectively inspire the public and share ideas with other scientists! 

Does your PhD research involve microscopy? Are you interested in imaging? Dr Ali Gheisary from Thorlabs will show you how to optimize your imaging path to create crisp data!

And are you a neuroscience PhD close to completion and wondering what life is like outside of academia? We will have Benjamin Kottler from BFKLab telling us what it's like!

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